Electrical Plugs and Connectors

Lovells Group and Alliance Partners plugs have advanced features found on no other high-voltage electrical plug. Our plugs and connectors typically have fewer components and are 30% lighter than conventional designs. This makes them easier to handle, causing fewer occupational injuries. In most cases the plugs are IP68 rated.

  • Positive Anchorage - A continuous resin seal on the cable sheath and conductors means there are no cones or grommets to slip or leak.
  • Permanently Colour Coded - Plugs are pigment coloured to denote different voltages.
  • Readily Maintained - Earth sleeves and all connecting bolts are marine grade stainless steel.
  • Quality Materials - Plugs are made from marine grade stainless steel, bronze and kevlar impregnated resin.
  • Heavy Duty Sockets - Sockets are silver plated and built for maximum heat dissipation.