Traditional plugs and sockets are often heavy, hard to connect and disconnect, and too fragile, so they distort in service, making connection even harder and prone to hot spots and pitting of pins and sockets.

We have solved all of these problems for the Rail Industry. Other industries can benefit from our rail industry product range.

PLATE COUPLERS: These allow all power, data, signal and safety circuits to be incorporated in one connector assembly. Each circuit is correctly isolated from every other, and each can be replaced individually.

Connection and disconnection in seconds, by hand-cranked screw jacks. Of course, they operate at full load whilst fully submerged.

  • Supply to tunnels
  • Supply to rolling stock under repair or test in the workshop
  • Positive encapsulation
  • Resin sealing on the cable sheath
  • Permanent colour coding
  • Quick assembly with quality materials
  • Full contact conduction
  • No hot spots, as sockets are gold or silver plated and give full contact to the mating pin along its whole length