suspension systems

The unique manufacturing range covers all springs from 64mm high tensile hardened spring steel for 180 tonne locomotives, to 6.5mm induction hardened wire springs for cars.

We supply springs designed and built to withstand extreme operating conditions, including for super high temperatures, such as in steam safety valves, to super low temperatures, for trains in China and Russia, mild acid immersion as in coal and gold processing equipment, and extreme fatigue as in mineral shaker springs operating at 20Hz. We also make stainless steel springs to withstand severe acid conditions.

  • Largest hot spring coiling plant in the southern hemisphere
  • Annual capacity of 8000 tonnes per annum
  • Finished springs are fully certified using testing equipment, handling up to 40 tonnes static load capacity and 5 tonnes load at 4 cycles per second dynamic capacity
  • Computer spring design software can handle the most complex configurations, including variable pitch
  • Endurance test rig can cycle your spring design or rail damper prototypes at one million cycles per week at up to five tonnes oscillating load, allowing rapid proving-up of any new design