Lovells Group and Alliance Partners’ cables are used in protected and unprotected installations inside and outside of railway rolling stock, buses and other modes of transport vehicles.

They are used especially where optimum process ability and ease of installation are called for, and where cable volume and weight plays a crucial role.

Lovells Group and Alliance Partners provide both single and multi-core control cables, power cables, data bus and coaxial cables.

  • NF F 16-101 - Level of protection inside vehicle, A1, A2, B
  • NF F 16-101 - Level of protection OUTSIDE vehicle, A1, A2, B
  • 180-minute fire resistance pursuant to BS 6387 and guaranteed
  • Compliant with the BS, IEC and EN fire resistance standards
  • Intrinsic resistance to fire for 180 minutes CAT A
  • Intrinsic resistance to fire with mechanical shock for 15 minutes