Lovells has launched Australia’s most powerful explosion-proof touchscreen workstation, certified for use in all hazardous environments. Without problematic air-purge system, processes in the most inaccessible workplaces can now be monitored and controlled by the gloved or bare hand with no external keyboard required. .

  • A fully machined housing and ballistic polycarbonate screen makes for the ultimate in ruggedised computing power. .
  • Infra red optics mean no loss of sensitivity making on-screen selections, and immunity from impact, chips and scratches.
  • The variety of screen sizes are suitable for in-dash mounting through to stand-alone systems. Coupled with Lovells external transducers, engine ECU, other CAN SPI or I2C Bus devices, RS422/485 telemetry, and VHF data can link to the Mine Portal or Head Office. .
  • Optional Webcam can be used to enhance operator vision, whilst vision logging could allow for incident investigation. .
  • “Smartphone”-like virtual keyboard allows for no 'hard key' data entry when needed.
  • Download the Hazardous Area Computing Brochure
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