Lovells Group and Alliance Partners new Elastomeric Suspension Division is able to offer custom designed and generic resilient components for suspension systems in the Rail, Mining, Defence and Automotive sectors.

Offering a choice of Natural and Synthetic Rubbers and polyolefi n, polyester and polyamide thermoplastic elastomers, Lovells can engineer and manufacture inhouse a complete suspension or vibration isolation system for the end-user, at short lead time.

AutoCad and GibbsCam 3D and CAD-CAM software allows vivid visualization of the finished design, and rapid transition to the tool-room.

In-house tool-making and complete fatigue testing facilities up to 5 tonnes load at 2 Hz allow quick proving-up of new designs. Static Testing at up to 40 tonnes can cater for the largest suspended loads.

With a maximum shot weight of 5 kgs of elastomer, our 450 tonne Injection Moulding Presses can rapidly mould your large suspension product at maximum efficiency and optimum bonding levels to metal components.

For rubber-metal assemblies, Lovells own CNC machining facilities can produce bonded metal parts, heat treated where required, in Lovells own heat treatment shop. This complete integration, from tooling to heat treatment is unmatched in Australia.


✓ Drawing on the capabilities of the parent Lovells Group, Lovells Springs andLovells Technology offers an unparalleled range of technical capability under one roof.

✓ Lovells is now one of the largest global manufacturers of hybrid steel-rubberspring units, for the mining and rail industries.

✓ The Lovells Group now offers the latest technological solutions to vibration control and suspension design problems in a range of natural and man-made elastomers right through from 3D CAD design through in-house tool-making to injection moulding,

✓ Lovells can offer the elastomer-metal or elastomer-only solution to your suspension or vibration problem

✓ Lovells Technology’s in-house CNC capability gives us the ability to economically machine tooling for your complex elastomer geometry.

✓ Large elastomer spring designs will be moulded on our 450 tonne capacity W&P injection moulding press, with a maximum shot weight of 9 litres of elastomer,

✓ Lovells Springs has made steel springs for all of the major vibration screen manufacturers in Australia for over 20 years. These springs operate in the atmosphere of acid, coal dust and water. Currently powdercoat or galvanized finishes as protection are used.

✓When asked to supply a rubber encased steel spring, the Lovells Group engineered the product which has now been tested under the harsh Australian mining conditions where UV levels are at the extreme.

✓This engineering involved:
   • Designing and creating the tooling for the 450ton Rubber Injection Press.
   • Re-engineering the the 450ton Rubber Injection Press by writing the software and computerising the     production process.
   • Calculating the rubber compound mixture and curing timetable.
   • Statically and dynamically load tested up to 40 tonnes capacity, and at high frequencies of up 2.5     cycles per second at 5 tonnes static load and 15 mm amplitude.
   • Endurance and creep/set testing at elevated temperatures to 120C, and cooling parts to -60C.

✓The success of the Lovells Group members engineering skills translates into the fastest production capability for a range of sizes and applications in Australia.

✓Lovells can protect your clients assets against the environmental effects of the operation conditions.