Supplier to the US Navy for both on-board power cables and ship-to-shore products, as well as some that cannot be disclosed due to classification issues. Lovells Group and Alliance Partners can supply a wide assortment of electrical cables ranging from 1 mm² to 500 mm² types of product at all voltages. We have a full complement of in-house design, engineering and testing facilities to facilitate any customer requirement.

With electrical cables produced for the harshest environments, which have properties that include flame retardance and resistance to, severe cold, oil and grease, salt and corrosive material, heat and mechanical stress. We can supply a wide range of low-smoke, halogen-free electrical cables to suit customer requirements.

  • Cables that last longer in harsh environments
  • Hi-Flex power cores for armoured land vehicle
  • ETFE insulated, TPS 125 XL jacketed cables for armoured vehicles
  • Seaguard naval cables for ship-board
  • LSI 155 insulated and sheathed cables
  • Smoke and halogen-free